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1. Versatility: BCS machines are “two wheel tractors” that will accept many attachments:

One engine and one drive train becomes several machines, saving the cost of purchasing different machines for each application. It also takes up less room in storage.

11 Key Points That Set BCS Apart From The Competition

2. All Gear Drive: BCS machines are designed with an all gear drive transmission with no belts to break, stretch, slip or rob power from the attachment. BCS transmissions have precision cut hardened steel gears on hardened steel drive shafts supported by ball bearings. The transmission is backed up by a No-Time-Limit Transmission Warranty for homeowners. This durable construction will provide many years of trouble free service.

3. Adjustable Handles: All BCS machines have many handle adjustments. The Quick-Drop feature allows more leverage when turning the tiller at the end of a row. The Side-Swing feature allows the operator to operate the machine from the left or right side when tilling, mowing or snow blowing.

4. Machine Balance: All BCS machines are designed with a low center of gravity because the engine is bolted directly to the clutched transmission - without a belt transfer mechanism to mount the engine much higher on the machine. This allows for better stability. All BCS tillers are designed with the weight of the machine over the tiller box where it belongs. This reduces the downward force that the operator needs to exert on the handles to keep the tiller in the soil.

5. Faster Tine Rotation: BCS tiller tines rotate 50% faster than most other tillers on the market. In first gear, the tines rotate 20 times for every turn of the drive wheel- this allows the tines to chop soil and plant material into fine pieces, providing a better growing environment for garden plants.

6. Complete Soil Tilling: The tiller box features a unique “planar wedge” or tilling wedge located under the tiller gear box. This wedge breaks up the soil under the gear box, providing a completely tilled area under the tiller box. Competitive tillers leave a 2” to 3” untilled center strip.

7. Independent PTO and Drive Wheel Control: All BCS machines have independent PTO engagement and drive wheel engagement. This allows the operator to disengage the PTO while the drive wheels are turning for safer transport.

8. PTO Lockout in Reverse: All BCS tillers have a mechanical PTO lockout when the machine is shifted into reverse. The Operator cannot shift the drive wheels into reverse while the tiller tines are rotating, which is safer for the operator.

9. Instant Reverse Shifting: Many BCS machines feature Quick Reverse Shifting which allows the operator to shift the machine into reverse instantly - just clutch and pull on the Quick Reverse Handle. This is a big asset when a sickle bar mower or snow thrower attachment is installed on the unit. It also makes the machine much more maneuverable as a tiller.

10. Differential and Turning Brake: Many BCS machines are equipped with a transmission differential and individual left and right wheel brakes for easier turning.


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