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Outdoor Power Equipment Sales & Service

R1073 County Rd M, Athens, WI 54411

  Flat Rate Pricing at Wenger Equipment


Sharpen Lawn Mower Blade                                        

Blade Removal & Reinstallation                       

Sharpen Chain (Off Saw)      

Chain Removal & Reinstallation                       

Refill Trimmer Head With Line                                 

Mount/Dismount Tire                                                   

Plug Tire or  Patch Tube                                           

Diagnostic Charges

Under 8 HP                                                                        

Over 8 HP Single Cylinder                                             

Twin Cylinder    

$6.00 ea.

$4.00 ea.

Up to 20”  $6.64








Totals for tune-up packages are labor only, parts are extra. Any additional labor will be billed at our hourly rate.

Did you know?

If you bought your piece of equipment here we offer a discount of more than 10% off regular labor charges!