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R1073 County Rd M, Athens, WI 54411

Welcome To Our Sharpening Page

Tired of dull chain or one that doesn’t cut straight? With professional equipment and years of chain sharpening experience, we can make your chain cut like new again.

Chain Sharpening Prices

Up to 20”   $6.64

24” -30”    $7.82

32”- 40”    $9.48

Chain Removal & Reinstallation $4.25

   At Wenger Equipment Co you will get a high quality sharpening job every time. We use a specialized lawn mower blade grinder that gets the job done quickly and accurately. The grinding wheels are made from a softer material than other grinding wheels which causes them to wear away more quickly. This enables us to remove metal quickly without burning the blade. Our blade balancer allows us to very accurately balance the blades  and determine if they are bent. This leads to less vibration and consequently less wear on your machine.

Blade Sharpening Prices

Sharpen Mower Blade $6.00 ea.

Blade Removal & Reinstallation $4.00 ea.