Project Description

Hustler invented the zero turn mower in 1964. Today, they are still leading the way, with innovative features like the patented automatic parking brake, the patent pending QuickFlip™ technology, and SmoothTrac™ steering. The operator experience is second to none. Once you experience the smooth and precise handling of these units, you won’t be looking elsewhere. With a full range of residential and commercial zero turn mowers starting at just $2949, we have just the mower for you.


Built On Innovation.

The World’s First Zero-Turn Mower – 1964

The Raptor Flip-Up – 2015

Why Hustler® is a Better Mower

It’s what makes driving a Hustler® a better experience. Hustler mowers have the smoothest and most precise steering. You’ll glide around obstacles and make zero-radius turns with ease. What’s more, the system has been designed to eliminate arm fatigue when mowing for longer periods of time.

Simple, convenient, system that automatically disengages/engages the parking brake when you close/open the steering levers. No extra park brake lever to worry about.

All Hustler decks are fabricated with heavy steel plate and reinforcement bars. Hustler decks are engineered to provide a clean, finished cut every time, with even distribution of grass clippings.

Heavy-duty fabricated steel frame provides unmatched durability.

A reduced profile translates into greater ease in getting on and off the mower, and impressive handling and stability. You’ll be amazed at how well these mowers can cling to slopes.

Fewer parts means fewer problems and easier service.

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Hustler offers a full range of residential and commercial zero turn mowers starting at just $2949. At Wenger Equipment, we feel that Hustler mowers offer one of the best combinations of quality, comfort and value in the industry. We stock a large selection of Hustler mowers and offer demonstrators for several models so you can come see for yourself why so many people are switching to Hustler. When you buy a Hustler from Wenger Equipment LLC you will  not only be getting a premium mower at a great value, you’ll also be working with lawn mower professionals where you can get high quality parts and service to match. We have over 30 years of experience helping customers just like you select the right machine and keep that machine running for years of dependable service. To find out more about how we can help you with your lawn equipment needs contact us here

Innovating Zero Turn Mowers With American Pride Since 1964

Hustler® Turf Equipment was born of a simple need for a riding mower that could maneuver the irregular landscape of the family home, complete with bird baths, gardens and winding front walkways. The first Hustler® mower was a compilation of mower parts and farm machinery, created by a genius named John Regier. Mr. Regier’s mower cut grass and steered like no other. It could hug a flagpole or reverse directions at a fence line, with a turning radius of zero. With this, the world’s first zero-turn mower was born.

And it changed everything.

When Mr. Regier brought his design to tractor cab manufacturer Excel™ Industries, the timing was perfect. He couldn’t maintain the production demand on his own, and Excel™ was looking to expand its product line. When the folks at Excel™ saw the mower in action, they knew they had a product that would revolutionize the mowing industry. Under the direction of company president Roy Mullet, Excel™ began production of Hustler® mowers at its plant in Hesston, Kansas, where they are still built today, with the same creativity and passion that launched the zero turn revolution more than 50 years ago.