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“Imagine the possibilities”



Imagine a tough, precision-built utility vehicle that combines the industry’s most popular features with the ability to lift, lower and dump its cargo at any point along its arc of motion. That’s what the most innovative team in the turf industry has created in the Hustler MDV with patented LeveLift bed technology. We call it the MDV (“Maximum Duty Vehicle”) for the simple fact that you won’t find a more rugged, more durable, more versatile utility vehicle in its class than this one.

The “utility” from other utility vehicles comes only after you have the vehicle loaded. But with MDV’s optional LeveLift technology, you get “utility” the moment you arrive at the job site. With a 750 lb lift capacity, LeveLift does the heavy lifting. Many loading and hauling jobs that used to require a crew of two or more can now be performed by just one person.

See LeveLift Technology In ACTION!


–   750 lb lift capacity

–   36 mph top speed

–    2WD/AWD

–    3 CYL Kohler Diesel Engine

–    14 Gal Fuel Capacity

–    55.75″ wide steel bed easily hauls most pallets

–    Electronic power steering

–    One-year limited warranty

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Hustler® MDV Features

Flip the switch and LeveLift brings the cargo box up, back and down, enabling you to load at ground level or at any point along the mechanism’s arc of motion. (LeveLift model only)

At over 50″ wide the MDV’s spacious cab is easy to get in and out of with heavy clothes, coats, etc.

The Hustler MDV features a heavy duty drive train designed for demanding use on farms, construction sites, university campuses and much more. Featuring a reliable Kohler KDW1003 diesel engine, Dana legacy American built rear axle, Hilliard front differential and all American made drive lines and half shafts it is clear that the Hustler MDV is built for a long life of dependable use. The large dual fan cooling system is designed to keep the engine cool under the most punishing conditions.

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Top speed of 36 mph on the LeveLift model and 37 MPH on the standard bed model

Easy-to-reach serviceability points equals better accessibility to maintenance areas. The MDV is designed to allow routine service to be completed in 30 minutes. Open the maintenance panel door on the drivers side and you can easily access the: air filter, battery, main fuse panel, fuel filter and check the oil. Brake fluid and engine coolant reservoirs can easily be accessed  under the hood.

Sporting a 1028cc Kohler Diesel engine fed by an ample 14-gallon fuel tank (nearly twice the capacity of the leading UTV) the MDV not only gets you and your cargo there quicker, but it can remain in service longer without refueling — still on the job after other
UTVs have headed for the barn.

The MDV’s floating rear axle maintains a constant ground clearance even at maximum load.

The front fenders and side body panels on the Hustler MDV are manufactured using rotational molding technology. This process creates a much stronger, more impact resistant surface than the fiberglass fenders and body panels used on most utility vehicles.

LeveLift = Increased Productivity

“Imagine the Possibilities”

The MDV was designed with the farmer in mind. Here are some ways that the MDV with LeveLift technology can save your time and your back.

  • Load hay bales or feed at ground level and dump over fences or into raised feeders.
  • One person can easily transport small equipment (pumps, generators, feeders etc.) around the farm without risking back injury.
  • With LeveLift you can raise the bed to pickup bed height and easily transfer cargo or lower it to the ground.

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The MDV with LeveLift technology can save your organization time & money.  Think about the jobs that the employees in your organization do everyday and imagine the possibilities with LeveLift technology. Here are just a few of them to help you get started.

  • Reduce back injury claims from people trying to lift items that are too heavy.
  • The fast top speed of the MDV makes it ideal for transporting people and cargo around large university campuses.
  • The large 14 gal fuel tank ensures that you won’t have to refuel before the day is done.
  • LeveLift allows one person to pick up and transport large trash cans from remote locations on the property
  • Easily move equipment such as floor scrubbers from one building to another without requiring two people
  • The large bed allows easy transportation of pallets

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When you have places to go and things to build the Hustler MDV will help you get more done in less time.

  • Save on labor cost and employee back injury claims.
  • Load transport and unload equipment such as compactors and generators with only one person
  • Dump soil, sand, mulch or other materials onto the top of a pile (when the bed is raised) or as much as 4 feet behind the vehicle (when the bed is lowered close to the ground). The bed can be dumped at any position of the LeveLift arc.
  • The truck style floating rear axle allows transportation of heavy items without reducing ground clearing. Go where other vehicles can’t go.

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Maintaining a beautiful golf course requires a lot of hard work and dedication. You need a vehicle that will work just as hard as you do and provide labor saving technology so you can get more done in less time. The MDV with LeveLift technology meets those challenges with a resounding yes. Here are just a couple of examples demonstrating how the MDV can save your time, your back and your bottom line.

  • Dump sand 4 feet behind the vehicle. This allows easy refilling of sand traps without backing into them.
  • Save on labor cost and employee back injury claims.
  • Transport walk behind greens mowers, trash cans and other cargo safely and easily with only one person.

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When Ryan Couture, hatchery coordinator at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, needed a new UTV, he opted for the Hustler MDV with LeveLift™ technology. He says staff members and older volunteers enjoy using the MDV, as it reduces the risk of lifting-related injury by easily hauling 80-100 pound compressed oxygen bottles and other heavy items…


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MDV Accessories

A wide range of accessories are available for the Hustler MDV to help you get more done and keep you comfortable on the job all day long.

*Denotes accessories not show on the picture.

  • ROOF  Provides year-round weather protection to operator and passenger.
  • DOORS  Provides comfort in inclement weather.
  • FRONT WINDSHIELD Blocks wind, dust and other weather elements.
  • WIPERS Helps resist rain, snow and ice buildup on windshield.  
  • HEATER/DEFROST Keeps operator warm on a cold winter day.
  • SIDE MIRRORS* Offers operator expanded visibility.
  • REAR VIEW MIRROR* Expands operator visibility.
  • POWERED DUMP BED Available for standard bed model. (Standard on LeveLift model.)
  • HITCH/WINCH MOUNT (front) Pulls tough loads and secures vehicle to trailer.
  • HITCH MOUNT (rear)* 
  • BRUSH GUARD Protects the front of vehicle.
  • WORK LIGHTS Provides a wide range of light (ideal for tasks at night).
  • BEACON* Provides excellent visibility for vehicle bystanders.
  • ALUMINUM WHEELS Presents a more polished appearance to vehicle.
  • 440 MAG 25″ x 10″ – 12″ More aggressive tire for extreme conditions.

Are you ready to step up to a Maximum Duty Vehicle? Wenger Equipment LLC is your local dealer for the entire Central WI area including the cities of Wausau, Merrill, Stevens Point, Marshfield, Stratford, Medford, Athens and more. We offer onsite demonstrations of the MDV with LeveLift so you can see for yourself how a Hustler MDV could benefit your situation.

At Wenger Equipment we are committed to treating our customers the way we would want to be treated. We carry only high quality equipment from reputable manufactures in order to give you a great value for your investment.  Our goal is to help you select the equipment that will best fit your needs and keep that equipment running for years of dependable service. We have over 32 years of experience serving thousands of satisfied customers in the Central WI area. As an added benefit, when you purchase a new piece of equipment from us you’ll also get a $10 per hour discount off of our posted shop labor rate for all service and repairs for the life of the machine. Its just one way we say “thank you” to our valued customers.

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