• Hustler SUPER S

    A Stand-On With Exceptional Operator Comfort, Control and Maneuverability Hustler's Super S® features superior operator comfort and positioning, operator-friendly controls and a compact stance that makes navigating tight spaces easy.
    • 15hp - 29.5hp Kawasaki Engines
    • 36”, 48”, 52" & 60” decks
    • Up to 9 mph
    • 5-year / 1200 hour limited warranty
  • Hustler Raptor XL

    The Raptor XL features premium upgrades to the Raptor X. The XL provides some added comfort with a more premium seat and flex forks for a smoother ride. Also, there is an additional horsepower option with a 23hp Kawasaki FR Engine.
    • 21.5 hp, 23hp Kawasaki Engines
    • 42", & 54" decks
    • Flex forks (front suspension)
    • 3-year / 300 hour limited warranty
  • Hustler Raptor X

    A High Performance Zero-Turn At A Great Value.
    The legendary Raptor X packs all the performance and reliability Hustler is known for into a simple and durable design. From the frame to the deck to their trademark steering, the Raptor X delivers a professional grade cut-quality for a perfectly manicured lawn.
    • 18hp or 21.5 hp Kawasaki engines
    • 42" or 54" decks
    • 7 mph mowing speed
    • Ideal for up to 2 acres
  • Hustler Raptor XDX

    Commercial Quality Residential Mower For Tough Jobs. The Raptor XDX is at the top of the residential zero-turn category. It has commercial-grade features like a 10-gauge fabricated deck, cast steel deck hangers, vented and toolless removable pulley covers, and reaches up to 8mph with Hydro-Gear® ZT-3100® commercial transmissions.
    • 21.5hp, 23hp, or 24hp Kawasaki Engine Options
    • 48”, 54“ or 60” welded fabricated steel deck
    • 8 mph mowing speed
    • 3-year / 300 hour limited warranty
  • Hustler Dash

    Hustler® Ingenuity In A Small Yard Zero-Turn The Dash is Hustler Turf’s most compact residential mower designed to get the job done at a price you can afford. A smaller design makes it ideal for garage storage and fitting through tight spaces with ease. Ideal for yards that are ½ to ¾ acre in size.
    • 10.5 hp, Briggs & Stratton Engine
    • 34", & 42" decks
    • 5 mph mowing speed
    • 2-year / 200 hour limited warranty
  • Hustler Dash XD

    The Dash XD is the big brother of the Dash. The upgrades include more deck sizes, a more bolstered seat, more horsepower with a Kawasaki engine, and larger BigBite™ rear tires. The Dash XD's beefy construction clearly separates it from other brands at this price point. This is a great replacement for an inefficient lawn tractor.
    • 15hp & 18hp Kawasaki Engines
    • 34", 42", & 48" decks
    • 6 mph mowing speed
    • 2-year / 200 hour limited warranty
  • Hustler SUPER 88

    Boost Efficiency On Current Properties The most versatile commercial mower on the market with a wide cutting width to handle large lawns and massive acreages, yet agile enough to match smaller mowers on uneven terrain and around tight obstacles.
    • Stand-On mower
    • 88" flex deck
    • Up to 10 mph
    • 5-year / 1200 hour limited warranty
  • Hustler TrimStar

    A Walk Behind With Maximum Stability, Ease-Of-Control Hustler's TrimStar® is a perfect addition to any commercial mower fleet. It makes access to hard-to-reach spots easy and is designed to help reduce operator fatigue.
    • 15hp - 23 hp Kawasaki Engines
    • 36", 48", 54” & 60” decks
    • 6.3mph mowing speed
    • 5-year / 1200 hour limited warranty
  • Hustler Super 104

    104" Width of Cut Makes Big Jobs Easy Hustler's Super 104 can easily handle acres of work. Offering a 104" width of cut, zero-turn precision and up to an impressive 11 mph speed, this machine is in a class by itself.
    • 35 - 40hp Vanguard & Kawasaki Engines
    • 104" deck
    • Up to 11mph
    • 5-year / 1200 hour limited warranty
  • Hustler DIESEL Z

    The Hustler® Z Diesel gives you all the great features of a Hustler product paired with fuel-economy of a diesel.
    • 25hp Perkins Diesel Engine
    • 60” & 72” decks
    • 11.5mph mowing speed
    • 5-year / 1200 hour limited warranty
  • Hustler HyperDrive

    Powerhouse That Delivers Unrivaled Performance The HyperDrive® features Hustler’s exclusive HyperDrive transmission system – the largest, most durable drive system in the industry. And, it’s backed by a 3,000 hour drive system warranty.
    • 35hp-38.5hp Vanguard & Kawasaki
    • 60”, 66" & 72” decks
    • 16mph mowing speed
    • 5-year / 1200 hour limited warranty
  • Hustler Super Z

    Features Hustler’s VX4® Deck, Heavy-Duty Hydraulics The Super Z® stands apart with Hustler’s acclaimed VX4® deck technology and an oversized hydraulic drive system featuring 21cc pumps. With a 14 MPH top ground speed you can make quick work of large commercial properties.
    • 27hp - 38.5hp Kawasaki & Vanguard Engines
    • 54”, 60” 66" & 72” decks
    • 14mph mowing speed
    • 5-year / 1200 hour limited warranty
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