• Hustler SurferPro

    The Surfer Pro is ideal for contractors who need to navigate tight spaces or have gated properties and would rather not walk. With an overall length of 58.9 inches, the Surfer Pro has a smaller footprint than a traditional walk-behind or self-propelled push mower and even the smallest zero-turn mowers.
    • 15hp Kawasaki Engine
    • 34" or 48" deck
    • Up to 6 mph mowing speed
    • 3-year / 300 hour limited consumer warranty
  • Hustler Super 104

    104" Width of Cut Makes Big Jobs Easy Hustler's Super 104 can easily handle acres of work. Offering a 104" width of cut, zero-turn precision and up to an impressive 11 mph speed, this machine is in a class by itself.
    • 38.5 - 40hp Vanguard & Kawasaki EFI Engines
    • 104" deck
    • Up to 11mph
    • 5-year / 1200 hour limited warranty
  • Hustler DIESEL Z

    The Hustler® Z Diesel gives you all the great features of a Hustler product paired with fuel-economy of a diesel.
    • 25hp Perkins Diesel Engine
    • 60” & 72” decks
    • 11.5mph mowing speed
    • 5-year / 1200 hour limited warranty
  • Hustler HyperDrive

    Powerhouse That Delivers Unrivaled Performance The HyperDrive® features Hustler’s exclusive HyperDrive transmission system – the largest, most durable drive system in the industry. And, it’s backed by a 3,000 hour drive system warranty.
    • 35hp-40hp Vanguard & Kawasaki
    • 60”, 66" & 72” decks
    • 16mph mowing speed
    • 5-year / 1200 hour limited warranty
  • Hustler SUPER S

    A Stand-On With Exceptional Operator Comfort, Control and Maneuverability Hustler's Super S® features superior operator comfort and positioning, operator-friendly controls and a compact stance that makes navigating tight spaces easy.
    • 15hp - 29.5hp Kawasaki Engines
    • 36”, 48”, 52" & 60” decks
    • Up to 9 mph
    • 5-year / 1200 hour limited warranty
  • Hustler TrimStar

    A Walk Behind With Maximum Stability, Ease-Of-Control Hustler's TrimStar® is a perfect addition to any commercial mower fleet. It makes access to hard-to-reach spots easy and is designed to help reduce operator fatigue.
    • 15hp - 23 hp Kawasaki Engines
    • 36", 48", 54” & 60” decks
    • 6.3mph mowing speed
    • 5-year / 1200 hour limited warranty
  • Hustler Super Z

    Features Hustler’s VX4® Deck, Heavy-Duty Hydraulics The Super Z® stands apart with Hustler’s acclaimed VX4® deck technology and an oversized hydraulic drive system featuring 21cc pumps. With a 14 MPH top ground speed you can make quick work of large commercial properties.
    • 27hp - 38.5hp Kawasaki & Vanguard Engines
    • 54”, 60” 66" & 72” decks
    • 14mph mowing speed
    • 5-year / 1200 hour limited warranty
  • Hustler X-ONE

    Built for All Day, Every Day Performance The X-ONE® is built for the full-time commercial landscaper to provide all day, every day performance. It offers a choice of carbureted or fuel-injected engines and a selection of side or rear-discharge decks. The X-ONE sets the standard for commercial zero-turn value.
    • 25hp-29.5hp Kawasaki, Kohler, & Vanguard engines
    • 52”, 54”, 60" & 72” decks
    • 12 mph mowing speed
    • 5-year / 1200 hour limited warranty
  • Hustler FasTrak SDX

    Commercial-grade power, performance The FasTrak® SDX offers commercial-grade power and performance for landscapers on a budget. Thanks to heavy-duty commercial transmissions, the FasTrak SDX makes quick work of expansive areas at speeds of up to 10 miles per hour.
    • 22hp, 23.5hp Kawasaki FX Engines
    • 48”, 54” & 60” decks
    • 10 mph mowing speed
    • 4-year / 1000 hour limited warranty
  • Hustler FasTrak

    Entry-Level Commercial Mower The FasTrak is the perfect mower to start your lawncare business, grow your lawncare business or mow residential large acreages like at a farm, ranch or place of business. The new additions include two USB ports, dual fuel tanks, rubber floor mat, frame tie-downs and cast deck hangers.
    • 22hp - 27hp Kawasaki FT or Kohler EFI Engines
    • 10 mph mowing speed
    • High-back suspension seat w/ EVC cushion
    • 4-year / 750 hour limited warranty
  • Hustler Flip-Up

    Automatically Raise, Lower, Adjust Deck Height. The Flip-Up features patented QuickFlip™ technology. Enjoy effortless cleaning and blade changing, automated deck height adjustment and less required storage space…all at the push of a button.
    • 23hp Kawasaki Engine
    • 7 mph mowing speed
    • 3-year / 300 hour limited warranty
  • Hustler Raptor XDX

    Commercial Quality Residential Mower For Tough Jobs. The Raptor XDX is at the top of the residential zero-turn category. It has commercial-grade features like a 10-gauge fabricated deck, cast steel deck hangers, vented and toolless removable pulley covers, and reaches up to 8mph with Hydro-Gear® ZT-3100® commercial transmissions.
    • 21.5hp, 23hp, or 24hp Kawasaki Engine Options
    • 48”, 54“ or 60” welded fabricated steel deck
    • 8 mph mowing speed
    • 3-year / 300 hour limited warranty
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